Spinning Techniques

  • Compact spinning yarn

    Compact spinning yarn

    Compact spinning is a new spinning technique in which to spun yarn on an improved ring spinning frame. Because the fibers of yarn are fully stretched, parallel to each other, and closely arranged before twisting, there is less hairiness in the yarn, especially above 3mm. Compared with the traditional yarn of the same size, compact yarn has a smaller diameter, so the cloth woven with the same array has good air permeability, neat and smooth surface, and is an ideal yarn for high-grade textiles.

  • Rotor spinning yarn

    Rotor spinning yarn

    Rotor spinning yarn is also called the air spinning yarn and OE yarn,the fiber are condensed and twisted into yarn by air flow in spinning cup with high speed rotation.Yarn structure is fluffy,wear-resisting ,tactile.,more bright-coloured, lower strength than ring spinningRotor spinning yarns are mainly used for woven fabric in bulk thick flat cloth and knitwear.

  • Siro-spun  Yarn

    Siro-spun Yarn

    Siro-spun make the yarn to special structure by synchronously twist , siro-spun yarn surface are arranged neatly, yarn structure are compact, less hairiness, good resistance to pilling. Siro spun yarn fabric is soft and smooth compared with other fabric.Siro-spun yarn can be used for woven and knitted fabric, it also replace for plied yarn for weaving high density fabric.

  • Vortex spinning  Yarn

    Vortex spinning Yarn

    Vortex spinning process can be spun fiber length of 38~60mm , which can be used for pure spinning and blended spinning of cotton and chemical fibers. The yarn structure is bulk, therefore easy to dye and permeabilitypilling resistance and abrasion resistance of yarn is good .yarn count range is only for low and medium count, which is suitable for  napping products. For example  38 mm  chemical fiber (acrylic viscose etc.), can be spinning to 6 ~ 12S,weaving sweat pants cushion sofa cloth and knitted furniture and small table cloth.