• Siro-spun  Yarn

    Siro-spun Yarn

    Siro-spun make the yarn to special structure by synchronously twist , siro-spun yarn surface are arranged neatly, yarn structure are compact, less hairiness, good resistance to pilling. Siro spun yarn fabric is soft and smooth compared with other fabric.Siro-spun yarn can be used for woven and knitted fabric, it also replace for plied yarn for weaving high density fabric.

  • Vortex spinning  Yarn

    Vortex spinning Yarn

    Vortex spinning process can be spun fiber length of 38~60mm , which can be used for pure spinning and blended spinning of cotton and chemical fibers. The yarn structure is bulk, therefore easy to dye and permeabilitypilling resistance and abrasion resistance of yarn is good .yarn count range is only for low and medium count, which is suitable for  napping products. For example  38 mm  chemical fiber (acrylic viscose etc.), can be spinning to 6 ~ 12S,weaving sweat pants cushion sofa cloth and knitted furniture and small table cloth.

  • Customized any color 1/3NM -1/15NM  Slub yarn100% Acrylic yarn

    Customized any color 1/3NM -1/15NM Slub yarn100% 腈纶纱

    Slub yarn refers to yarn that has been purposely spun with slubs (thicker sections along the yarn).slub yarn is now intentionally created to give fabric more personality,Slub yarn is one of the most kinds of fancy yarn, there are  thick & thin slub yarn, lump slub yarn, filament slub yarn and so on.Though the different lengths, thicknesses, pitch and raw materials of slub yarn we develop a variety and colorful styles to meet the needs of different consumers needs.This product helps customers to increase the prestige of their products and differentiate them at minimum costs.We offer slub yarns of a variety of patterns, ranging from short to very long slub.

  • Moss Yarn1/6NM 0.7CM imitate mink hair fancy yarns

    Moss Yarn1/6NM 0.7CM imitate mink hair fancy yarns

    Moss Yarn also calls brush yarn, which has good appearance and make soft hand feeling,the yarn color is bright, so clothing is beautiful and fashion . Acrylic Moss yarn is suitable for computer flat knitting machine, single or more thread into machine, to make blended yarn weaving. Acrylic moss yarn is  ideal raw material  for knitting all kinds of clothing , hat scarf, gloves, socks and so on.

  • 1 / 14NM 100%尼龙羽毛纱

    1 / 14NM 100%尼龙羽毛纱


  •  100%涤纶雪尼尔纱线1 / 2NM -1 / 18NM

    100%涤纶雪尼尔纱线1 / 2NM -1 / 18NM


  •  圈圈纱腈纶羊毛尼龙混纺针织纱线



  • AB 纱3/50NM针织用棉线

    AB 纱3/50NM针织用棉线


  •  TT纱



  •  AB纱  60%棉40%腈纶

    AB纱 60%棉40%腈纶


  • 色纺亚麻纱


    线纱由天然亚麻纤维制成, 具有吸汗,透气性好,对人体无害的特点。

  • 有机棉纱2 / 32S -2/40S针织用

    有机棉纱2 / 32S -2/40S针织用